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So I didn't get to go to the Sheffield light switch on cos my dad was being grumpy all yesterday and gave the usual "There's too much to do" excuse but, after hearing the strong wind and rain against my window I was suddenly glad we didn't go XD Ah well, maybe I can badger my dad into going to the Worksop light switch on if I'm not working...
...Spongebob Squarepants is switching ours on....
...yeah... :x *Is one of those people who doesn't get the appeal of Spongebob, but nevermind XD*

Eh, I REALLY should do something more productive today and I still have to write out my letter to Play-Asia so I can send it off tomorrow with the game X__X; I would of done it last week but I was running around being busy so...XD

I was just reading the thread on Janime about the new Yugioh GX came coming to the DS, Spirit Summoner/Caller and I really like the sound of it. You can customize your character and even gain a Duel Monster spirit :D Customizing your character should be something the Pokémon DS games should do, I know they're doing it for the Wii game which is awesome, but Togepi probably won't be having a Wii (*Pun intended there XD*) cos all I want is the Pokémon game :x So they should totally allow you to make customized players or if not different looks, then at least allow to change clothing for the set characters =p I dunno, maybe they'll think of it for the third game in the D/P series that most people I think are guessing the name will be something like "Opal", after all Crystal in the G/S/C series was the first game to include giving the choice to be a female trainer as well as male :D Man I miss G/S/C, I'm one of those people who hopes they'll remake G/S like they did for Red and Green/Blue, probably cos G/S is probably my favourite of the games, I'm really fond of the Johto Pokémon 8D It would be lovely to play the games with better graphics.

Yay for rambling~ XD;

Oh and I defeated the Elite 4 on Emerald. I caved and used my LV 70 Latias and Latios XD; But afterwards I was able to go to the Safari Zone and catch some pretty Johto Pokémons~ :3 Teddiursa, Spinarak, Aipom, Ledyba, Wooper <3 Eeee! So many~ Having trouble finding a Miltank though and the one time I did it ran away D:
I also caught a Ditto so I can whore my Pokémon too it XD; Already bred my Swampert, Kaiser, with it and it's now father to a little male Mudkip I named Kit :D Trying to breed my Gardervoir now. I know I can get Ralts and Kirlia in D/P, but breeding is fun :3 And they end up with inherited moves. My baby Mudkip knows all the moves his father does, 3 being HM moves 8D
I think I might do some more drawing today :o
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