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A Grand Day Out! :D

So back from my little adventure :D And it was loads and loads of fun! I got to meet phoenixshards who recognized me because of my Togepi beanie! :D And I also met toonmahavailo again! We did some card swapping, she gave me some awesome Yugioh cards (*OJAMAS :D And a bunch of other stuff I didn't have too :3 plus a rare holo Charmeleon!*) and I gave her what she wanted from my collection ^^
I took some videos of the displays they had up, but the thing itself was smaller than I imagined, I knew it wasn't going to be a big thing but they could of stood to of had a bit more room where they were showing the TV show, the drawing/colouring section and the trading card section XD
We also got some Pokémon through the downloads! Thanks to TMV who let me borrow her GBA. I ended up getting a Lv 70 Latias and Latios :3 I probably would of had something different if I had the national dex on my Emerald game, but hey, at least now I can save my Master Ball for something else :3 Besides, these two are special to me now, they're my first event Pokémon :D

All in all it was a lovely day out! I had loads of fun and got to spend time with lots of cool people~~~~ X3
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