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Layout is getting there....kinda X3

*Pokes the background of her journal* Yuuuuuuugiiii!

Kinda like how it came out X3 Not quite finished with the background yet though, I want to put some other anime characters on the left not too sure who yet but Ed Elric will most likely be one as will Kouji ^^ I want to make them all look older too XD YAY! Challenge!

I should really go to bed now, I need to download episode 206 of Yugioh tomorrow as well before work, there's gonna be a lovely little flashback of ickle Theif bakura when he was younger *Glomps* That's gonna be so adorable X3 I love all these flashbacks this saga is having so far, Chibi Priest Seto in the last episode was so cute!
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