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Preparing for Pokémon!!

Okay, so I'll be off to the Pokémon 10th Anniversary tour tomorrow 8D Eeeee! I so can't wait!! I keep running around my room making sure I have everything that I wanted to bring along: Sketch book, pencils, wallet of course, my phone and DS are both charging up, not sure why exactly I'm taking the DS XD Roll on when D/P comes out and I can actually battle with people ;~; My Emerald game will be coming along for the ride anyway, so proud of my team on it <3
For anyone who's going and you want to say "Hi!" then just look out for the person carrying a Togepi beanie, which will still have it's red tag on it that I never took off. It proved useful anyway, I wrote my address on an address label and stuck it on the back in case I lose the little guy, which I hope I don't ;~; So I may not have him in my arms the entire time. The Togepi is mostly so I can locate toonmahavailo other than that, just look for the shy girl with glasses clinging onto two other girls, which will be Caat and Susan-Rocket, I'm gonna be so terribly clingy to them since I'm in a place I don't know XD;

Oh! I'm bringing along all my spare Pokémon cards (*Just the Pokémon, can't be bothered to sort out Trainer cards ect.*) I've got a small selection of rare/rare holos I'm willing to part with for trades and such and I have a TON of Commons/Uncommons so they're there as well 8D I'm just gonna try and see if I can find any cards I don't have yet for trades, I'm looking for any cards really, commons, uncommon, rares, whatever, just as long as I don't have them, only problem is remembering what I do and don't have XD I only want the cards for the art anyway, the more different cards I get, the more different art I get for my Pokédex which will be worked on eventually XD;

Anyway I really should think of hopping off to bed, gotta get up at about 7am to make sure I'm ready before leaving, then there's the fun of my dad and I trying to find Caat's house XD
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