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YAY! New Camera!

Wheee, bought me a new camera today! :D Just been playing around with it, it's already tons better than my old camera, it's easy to capture video and sound and everything <3 So when I go to the Pokémon 10th Anniversary this Saturday, I'll try and capture a few videos and put them on YouTube or something XD It has like different options for different kinda things you can take photos off, like there's an option for snowy scenes and option for high action photos <3 The only thing that's a bit odd is that it didn't come with rechargeable batteries like it said in the Argos catalogue, ah well, it can still use them, but unsure if it can use the dock I've already got.

At least it was cheaper than what it said in the Catalogue 8D But since it was excluded from Argos' 16 day money back guarantee, I ended up putting some cover on the camera just incase.

Play-Asia wise, they've said I can do the exchange and gave me the address to send the item back to and told me to include a letter explaining what happened with my order number ect. So hopefully I'll get that done as soon as I can, most probably I'll send it off Friday, since I'm going out with my mum tomorrow. Here's hoping this turns out okay X__X;
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