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Play-Asia responds and Adventures in Camera Hunting

Play-Asia have responded and they wish for me to take photos of what I recieved and stuff which show the items and the order number ect. which I started doing until my camera decided to stop using the flash THEN died on me >>; I plan to get a new camera on Thursday anyway, stupid useless thing. Not sure whether to just have them exchange it, it seems like the acctident won't happen twice, just means waiting for it for a bit more longer.

Blah, was late going to the charity shop today too cos I overslept -_-; Yeah, this week is kinda sucking so far.

I was thinking of going to take those pictures at the Priory Gatehouse tomorrow if the weather was good, but i think i might wait until I get a new camera, this old one of mine is sucking pretty badly right now, thinking of getting one with 8million pixels :D Argos have some nice ones on offer for Christmas, though while at my mum's house I looked at a Kodak one that looks really awesome, only it's quite expensive and not in the Christmas sale...I think it'll be worth it thought, 8 million pixels, as well as video and sound capture :D it's about £249.99 though, ouch.
Early Christmas present to myself maybe? :D;
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