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Yay Frontier~

I finally got round to doing something I've wanted to do for months!

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Capped the first episode of Frontier 8D Might be a while before I manage to sort through all the caps, especially since I wanna cap another episode of Savers before I make a savers update on type_wild But yes, pretty Frontier screenshots~ |D

In other news, I was reading the little notes we have on each table in the staff resturant at work (*Tells us how the week has been, what's been going on ect.*). It always starts out with the week's takings and such and it happened to mention a "tragic acctident" that happened outside the store last Tuesday. Not sure if that means in the actual car park or at that terrible round-a-bout you have to go round to pull into where we are, which has been subject to many acctidents :/ Hummm, I'd expect it to be mentioned in Friday's Guardian if something did happen, I'll take a look tomorrow.

Time to go to bed I think =p
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