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...okay...I am never ever using Play-Asia again. Not only did they send me the wrong game but it's for the wrong CONSOLE. Tell me, how do you get Digimon World DS mixed up with some Playstation 2 YuYu Hakusho game? -___-; So much for being told it was good and reliable...I mean I wouldn't of even minded so much if they had sent me the Japanese Digimon Story game in error, at least THEN I could actually, ya know, play it. I mean come on, it SAYS Digimon World DS on the INVOICE.
Gwwah, gonna have to e-mail them and ask for a refund, I would ask if I could exchange it for the game I actually ordered but maybe I'll just try the website sasuke86 gave me.
Or just wait until the game comes out over here, if it ever does ¬¬;

And so, my week full of yays has started off with a .... not so yay... -_-; My luck sucks.

Makes me wonder if they just got two orders mixed up and some poor soul who wanted this YuYu Hakusho game is getting Digimon World DS :/
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