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More Emerald Adventures

So, I found a Feebas patch in the river on route 119 on Emerald so I spent most of this afternoon/evening catching loads of them. Hoping to train a bunch of them and max out their beauty to get Milotics :D Since they're quite rare and hard to get gonna try and use these to maybe make some good trades when i get pearl :3 Thanks to this I'm learning more about berries and Pokéblocks that I never bothered with before...and growing berries too O_O; Anyway I'm currnetly training a male Feebas named Milo and a female named Cleo.
Oh also my Azurill egg finally hatched <3 Twas a little female so I called her Bubbles and she inherited the HM move waterfall from her father X3

Hopefully Digimon World DS should be here tomorrow, best go to bed :D
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