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This Coming Week

Well, Digimon World DS shipped off, should hopefully get that early this week, Monday or Tuesday maybe, might have to phone my mum up and tell her she might have to stay in for it if it looks like it's arriving Monday >>; If it's Tuesday I might have to skip out on the Charity Shop. Either way, totally looking forward to playing it~

This next week I should hopefully be going to Nottingham with my mum one day (*Mostly cos YAY big Forbbiden Planet store there!! that and I wanna find the Britanna hotel so I know where I'm going for Fuyucon and maybe write down the names of any hotels nearby, haven't been able to really talk to Helen to see if she's definintly coming or not :/*)
Then on Saturday I'm going to the Pokémon 10th Anniversary tour with Gemma (*Owner of Pokémon Rebirth *) and Susan-Rocket from dA which is gonna be a blast X3 I'll make sure to take my camera and if it behaves I'll take some photos. Oooh and then Sunday my dad might be taking me to the Christmas tree light switch on thing in Sheffield, or at least, I think that's what it is XD

I need to draw a picture of Hikari, Pochama and Mimirol for a new LJ layout 8D I want it all D/P themed~

Now off to bed!
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