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The world is annoying -_-;;

Hummm, today is just one of those days, as if I didn't feel crappy enough with myself as it is I learned some school kids can't keep their big ignorant mouths shut even when talking to a complete stranger -_-;;

On the way to the dentist some girl I was passing suddenly spoke and said something about her "Friend was upset and didn't need me staring at them" *blinks* O_o;; 'kaaaay, chances are I zoned out into day dream land and might of been looking in their general direction, I have a habit of just zoneing out all the time, but geez, I didn't even know they were there until she spoke to me, but it was spoken in that typical "I know everything" voice, so quite possibly she was just being an ass.

Okay so on the way back on the same freakin' hill there was a boy sat on top of it, he looked about 14 or so, who cares. Anyway the convertstaion went like this.

KID: - You need a passport to come past...
ME: - *Looks at him then just sniggers at the oh so apparent childish joke*
KID: - It's nothing to laugh at! You need a passport!
ME: - (*Walks away*) Yeah right...
KID: - Don't ignore me! The Police are so gonna be knocking on your door, you freak!
ME: - I'm not the one who's a freak...

Dunno if he caught my last sentence, I tend to speak quiet and I was a fairish distance away from him at that point but still does he really think someone is gonna fall for that O_o; Idiot...
If I looked what age I really am and not looked 15 or so they probably would of left me alone...
Any other day I probably wouldn't of retaliated with that last line but I was in a bad enough mood as it was -_-;; And wasn't in the mood for little kids thinking they're smart.
...once again I'm made to wonder about the world... *sigh and shakes head*

But in good news my teeth are okay but in bad news he seems to think my wisdom teeth will start showing soon, tis funny cos he says I'm quite past the age of getting them already XD
Yeah I'm just one complete weird person... something I'm gonna have to live with...

Gotta get ready for work now... last thing I need while I'm in this mood but oh well....
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