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OMGYAY! *Game stuffs*

Play-Asia are preparing my order of Digimon World DS <33333 OMGYES!! I so can't wait to play this!

Talking of games I evolved my Chinchou and Zigzagoon while on the search for a Feebas...damn those things are a bugger to find, the Carvanha make for good punching bags training, though with them being part dark, the Natu I wanted to evolve doesn't stand much of a chance against them, poor thing. I'll train it in the grass instead, only needs to go up one level before it evolves to Xatu.
Randomly, I named the Natu "Naughty" after the Natu in one of the Johto eps, I remember Ash's line in that episode.
"Naughty? Don't you mean "Natu"?" XD
My Chinchou (*Now Lanturn*) is named Chii for some reason and the Zigzagoon (*Now Linoone*) is named Nicolai after everyone's favourite short's obsessed boy 8D
Actually, some of my nicknames suck XD
Oh Oh and I managed to find the sea incense and bred my two Marills for an Azurill egg <3

Yeah, random game stuffs~ <3 Expect more posts like this when I get Digimon World DS <3 Eeee!
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