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Art updates and games~

So I finally got up to date with my SheezyArt account which I had neglected to update for about a year I think XD; I only uploaded the stuff I really liked and such, so missed a lot out, so now I just gotta remember to update the place.

Now I'm in a real drawing mood~ XD

Oh and I pre-ordered Digimon World DS from Play Asia since I want the game and have no idea when or IF it'll come out in the UK. Pretty sad when it seems the only place online that ships US games to the UK is based in HONG KONG XD; I'll wait until Pokémon Ranger comes out in the UK, I believe that has a release date of next year I think >>; But I can wait, Digimon World DS looks way too awesome to miss out on XD; I would of got the US Pokémon Ranger if it had been true that you could get the Manaphy thing on it so then I could of transfered Manaphy's egg to my US Pearl game when I get that, but nope XD Ah well.
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