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Halloween YAY!

Wasn't around online last night, decided to watch Most Haunted Live 8D So that was me not sleeping right last night so I'm really tired and I only got up cos a SWEAR someone knocked on the door and buggered off again, the gate is open anyway suggesting someone has been down the path >_o unless that was open last night but I doubt it cos with the wind last night I would of heard it banging.
I was gonna go down to a church near town today and take some photos of the Gatehouse (*Which is rumored to be haunted ;D*) But I'm so tired I don't think I'll bother, it's cold and windy anyway, blah.

Had something kinda spooky happen at work last night. I was on the basket till and as soon as this certian woman walked up, the chip and pin keypad started beeping as if someone was messing around with the buttons, thing is, no one was touching it. It was doing that through the entire transaction and then when it came to the time when she put her card in and tried pressing the buttons herself she seemed to be kinda confused over the bleeping, I have no idea if she managed to enter her pin and press enter cos when I said "It's gone through" she looked up and said "But I didn't do anything" :x
Weird thing is, the thing stopped bleeping as soon as she walked away and never bleeped again after that.

Happy Halloween everyone 8D
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