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A bunch of random stuff

You know what....?
I find myself kind of wanting to voice opinions to situations a lot more these past few months, where I usually would just think the opinions to myself mostly and never to the people or persons involved...not sure if that's a good or a bad thing really ^^; But yeah, especially on stuff that annoys me, I feel I have to voice my opinion, even if I'm not directly involved.

In other news, I'm at the 8th gym on Emerald, won the 7th gym by pure luck I think (*Well and a bunch of potions and revives*) though Harley the Cacturne was the only one holding out on it's own, especially after I got that pesky Solrock out of the way, one hit with Faint Attack and it went DOWN! Hahaha! YAY for critical hits~!
Also stopped Team's Aqua and Magma with their insane plans to cover the world with more ground/water, stopped the waring Groudon and Kyogre by awaking Rayquaza~ Ah fun times!!
I caught an Alteria too <3

Not sure where I'm gonna sleep tonight, at the moment most of my plushie collection is occuping my bed XD; I was trying to finish cleaning my room, but gave in when the thick dust at the top of the wardrobe began chocking me @_@
Capped another THREE Pokémon Advanced Episodes too :D I've only gotten one episode finished, which is episode 25 (*Mudkips 8D*), just episode 23 and 24 to save up (*Corphish 8D*)

Funny enough I don't have work tomorrow, so...it's gonna be spent trying to finish up this damn room ^^;

Woah...I just remembered it's my mum's birthday today :o I'll buy her some chocolate from the shops when I wake up or soemthing, I usually get flowers...hummm, we have a flower shop too so I'll have a look in there...best write a note to remind myself XD;
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