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So I went to Meadowhall today, WHSmiths there had no trading card plastic wallets either, so I looked around the rest of Meadowhall and seriously...is WHSmiths the ONLY place that do plastic wallets for Trading cards!?
The lady in WHSmiths suggested I try ordering them through the website...well...I can't even FIND them on the website ~_~ My dad and I are gonna try WHSmiths in town again tomorrow and if they still don't have any, then I'll see about specially ordering them if I can >>;
I got a new T-Shirt today though and yet more trading cards, I only got the Crystal Guardian's theme decks though :o I finally have a Blastoise card! YAY!

Other than that the difficulty in getting these wallets and just the factor of stuff that has gone on recently just put me in a real "meh" kinda mood today :/
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