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Adventures in Mossdeep.

So, last night I couldn't sleep, so decided to play on Emerald for a little while. I thought Tate and Liza's gym was gonna be a breeze since they mostly use psychic Pokémon and I have two Pokémon that know dark attacks...
...hahahahaha! XD; I tried twice and failed misrably both times, it's their damn Lunatone and Solrock, the Solrock itself can take out my Cacturne with Flamethrower AND my Swampert with solarbeam ><; And my Vibrava doesn't fair too good against their psychic attacks.
I think I need to go training again =p
Oh! I evolved a Gloom I had caught into Bellossom since I had a sun stone and tried to put it into a contest...it failed misrably XP
After that my battery on my DS was about to die so I saved the game and now it needs charging :o
I'm getting the strong urge to re-design the layout for Chocolate Orange today :p

I love this Rioru icon <3 I should make icons like this out of other Sugimori artwork~
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