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UK 10th Anniversary Tour

C/P-ed from my dA Journal:


Southampton, West Quay (14th & 15th Oct)
Manchester, Trafford Centre (21 & 22 Oct)
Newcastle, Metro Centre (23 & 24 Oct)
London, Lakeside (26 & 27 Oct)
Cardiff, Capitol (28 & 29 Oct)
Glasgow, Buchanan Galleries (4 & 5 Nov)
Milton Keynes, The Centre MK (11 & 12 Nov)
Birmingham, The Bull Ring (18 & 19 Nov)

We FINALLY get a 10th Anniversary tour, but why can't they hold these things in Sheffield or something, a place I feel confident enough to go to on MY OWN. Che....
Well, the Manchester one I've been told is the closest too me, asked dad if he'd take me there but he was pretty much "No and I'd be bored even if I did", gonna try asking my mum if she fancies a day out at Manchester on the Saturday XD; But again, she'll also be bored :/ Though she probably knows more about Pokémon than my dad, she at least recognizes Brock 8D

The main thing there is the giveaway of the 10 most wanted Pokémon, I have a DS and I'd need a Gameboy Advanced or something for the transfer I'm sure XP There's gonna be some stuff on the new Trading Figure Game which I really wouldn't mind taking a look at.
The Interactive Zone sounds interesting, it's a place where you get to draw Pokémon and stuff 8D Wheeeeeeeee~~ And apparently there are chances to get free prizes!! Mentioning that, there are other competitions too.
Also there is a place to watch episodes 8D YAY!
So yeah, it would be nice to take a look and experience talking to other Pokémon fans, here's hoping there will be a few more people there over 12 XD And well...over 20 in my case >> <<;

I guess we'll see if I remember to ask my mum in enough time. Might ask her tomorrow :/ But I just feel bad about dragging her to something she'll be bored to tears with.

I need RL Pokémon friends v_v;
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