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Spooky Stuff

So today I learned something neat about where I work.

They needed someone to cover a break in the kiosk, which I tried to worm out of but apparently I was the only one who could do it >>; So I reluctantly agreed, I only helped one person get a step closer to getting lung cancer so it wasn't all bad, at least it wasn't loads of people -___-; The rest of the customers were just buying bits n bobs.
ANYWAY, while up there another work colleague came by and mentioned how creepy it was at the Kiosk, to which I agreed with her, it IS scary down there, you're all on your own. This, in the end, sparked up an interesting conversation about a story she was told by another member of staff. Apparently, before the store was built, it was farmland (*Which I think most of my home town was farmland at SOME point XD*) and right around where the children's toys are there used to be a barn and apparently three members of the same family killed themselves in this barn. She also told me that sometimes toys and stuff fly off the shelves for no reason in that exact spot.

Now this is kinda weird, cos for as long as I've been there, I've always felt it to be a bit eerie, especially on that side of the store, also I've thought on many occasions about the place being haunted for no real reason except it's just a thought that crossed my head every now and then, now I know why XD; But if it IS haunted, the ghost/s aren't particularly active 8D
But yeah, it was an interesting story :o
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