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Dream and other rambling stories.

Last night Steve Irwin was in my dream Oo; I was at some...I dunno what it was but it had a lot of stalls and a stage and I overheard some guys talking about killing him by shooting him and that they'd do it from the stage cos you get a better view from up there. So I told Steve and Terri about it which made me their automatic guardian...ooookay. So I follow them around for a while, then some show is about to start so I stand with Terri while Steve walks off somewhere, carrying something I think...probably a Crocodile. Then I look towards the stage on the other side of the building and see some guy with a gun, I shout to Steve to tell him to duck, he does, a shot rings out but misses and...I think the guy got arrested after that, I dunno, I woke up XD
I blame Jim Crocodile for that dream XP "It's a beaut! HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

Anyway back to reality, I went into town to see if WHSmiths had anymore plastic Trading Card Wallets but they didn't have any D: I'll check again on Tuesday, if they don't have any then I'm going to Meadowhall on Thursday and there's a WHSmiths there :o
The Continental Market was on today as well, very interesting and very crowded @_@ Crazy! There was like a stall for Irish Chocolate, one doing stir fry's and stuff, there was this stall doing hot dogs with German sausages and OH! A stall making PANCAKES~ Also the clothes stalls were very colourful. Would of loved to of had a better look at the stuff on the stalls, but with crowds and a dad worrying the time on his parking ticket was gonna run out we couldn't take a really good look.

Last day of work today before I have yet another week off 8D I saw Helen in town today and told her I have next week off so hopefully we can get to see each other :3 I think this is my last week off before Christmas, ah...lovely lovely Christmas. You know what? I need to get myself some novelty Reindeer antlers to wear during Christmas week at work rather than wear those silly ones I made that are falling to bits 8D I wonder if we'll be doing any kind of fancy dress again this year, they have a tendency to kinda not mention it until the last minute :/ They really should announce stuff like that in the newsletter. If I can find some angel wings or something, I'll go as an angel 8D I have some white shoes, not sure if they still fit me though XD;

Yeah I'm rambling now :o
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