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Pokémon 8th movie is still love~

So I watched the dub of the 8th Pokémon movie today! So much love <3 Sure, the movie doesn't have as much impact now than when I first saw it in Japanese, but the movie is still my favoruite and the dub was excellent. The bit that still got me going was when Ash gets eaten by the Tree of Beginning and as he is, he tells Pikachu to look out for the others and that he loves him, it cuts him off just before he finishes the "I love you" part and OMG it was still so sad to see Pikachu's reaction. I think Lucario's voice could of stood to of been a little less gruff, but I guess with him being based on a Jackel and all it was fitting.

In other news, I need more plastic wallets for my trading cards. I got up to the M's in the Pokémon and ran out D: I could get some tomorrow but I wanna try and work on the GX 106 parody while no one is in the house, talking of that my throat feels like it's gonna make that rather hard ¬¬; Hummm, anyway I have a voice sorta set for Johan, the others...not so much XD; I'll have to practise until I come up with one. Oh and Cobra has a voice too which is good. O'Brian might just get a deeper version of Kaiser's voice, Amon might get a really laid back, happy Kaiser voice and Crocodile er...will get whatever I give him XD I think most of what he said in the episode was in Engrish anyway O_O "Blue Sky! Emerald Sea! Wild Volcano! It's a beaut! HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"
Yeah, he's definintly a Steve Irwin/Crocodile Dundee love child...and the "HOOOOOOOOOOO!" reminded me to much of Hard Gay XD; (*Japanese media icon for all those who don't know, look up "Bakafish" on YouTube and you'll see :D*)

So yeah, random LJ post from me XD;
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