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More meme fun!

Your Random Yu-gi-oh dream! by Bilbo-sama
You are a fan of:
Number of cards won in a duel27,520
random object of DOOMa stick
Calender in dream says you get married onDecember 4, 2144
You get married toJoey
Percentage of guests dead to some random event: 63%
You wake upthrowing a sharp stick at your door
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

All hail my stick of DOOOOOOOM!
Did I have to get married to Joey? -_-;; Ah well, he's okay, at least I didn't get married to Kaiba *shudders*

Gonna go back to drawing now, I keep changing my idea on what I want my BG on my journal to look like XD
I despratly need to make a layout for this thing ^^;
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