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Of DVDs and Crocodiles

So, I got up early today, just incase the DVDs wouldn't fit through the letterbox and I'd have to answer the door. I decided while I was waiting that I'd start sorting out my Pokémon cards, sorting out the Pokémon by name since yetserday I finally got round to buying some platic wallets for them and the Yu-Gi-Oh cards. By the time it was 11:30am I found it weird that the post hadn't been yet, so I went to the top of the stairs and found that the post had already come, probably before my alarm went off and luckily the DVDs did fit through the letterbox XD;
I was gonna watch the 8th movie today...but then I fell alseep on the sofa until half 2 this afternoon 8D So I'll have to watch it tomorrow or something :o
8th movie came with a Mew card too :3
*Looks at the 26 piles of Pokémon cards on her bed and realizes she'll need to find another place for them if she wants to sleep tonight*

In other news, that Crocodile guy in GX apparnetly seems to like carrying an actual Crocodile around with him or something Oo; Oh boy, I'm not going to be able to avoid parodying as some weird Steve Irwin wannabe now XD;
Crocodile: "Heya mates! I hope you don't mind that I brought Betty with me, she's a bute, ey?"
Everyone else: "..................."
Juudai: ":D!"

Too bad I can't do Australian accents really XD;

I hope my throat holds up ^^; It's been feeling really weird these past few days, not sore, just...weird :/
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