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Eeeee! DVDs!

OMG! My Pokémon DVDs have finally sent off <3 The first two Advanced battle DVDs and the 8TH MOVIE! X3 Soooo gonna watch that tomorrow!

I best go to get some sleep, need to be up before the postie comes, which could be anytime up to midday XD

Also, out of random curiosity, I looked up my hometown on the search at youtube and some guy does these video blogs and one was where he was filming around the very area I live XD It's kinda funny watching the area I live in on the computer, especially when I can just go out the door and see it for myself, his commentary was quite funny too XD; Ooooh gosh! And he mentioned the park we used to have around here! I very vaguely remember it, but then they tore it down and replaced it with....grass :/
His video on Clumber Park was so incredibly pretty though, he really captured the beauty of the place.
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