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Well here it is :o


Join and go nuts :D; Took me a while to configure everything, let me know if you feel anything in the current layout needs changing, like colours for instance and yes, the layout is very purple ^^;
Apparently the old board was salvageable, according to my brother and was indeed the database update that threw it off, but to be honest, the board was swimming with spambots and it really needed a complete overhaul and this board has a board template with easy to edit colours...I'm currently unsure how to make more themes with the ability to have a different banner on each one :/ But ah, the colours are easy to edit, so when I want a new layout, I just work on it until I like it and then set it as the new theme~~

Since this is a complete start from new I'm unsure on admins and mods and such, I think it depends highly on who registers from the old board, who is around the most and how busy or not so busy the board becomes.

With all my time spent on this board, I don't think it's had a single error yet, or at least, not since the second install and I installed it on the right version of mySQL XD;

Blah, I'm rambling cos I'm tired and thirsty, gonna post the new message board on PDU then go to sleep ~_~;
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