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Awesome :D

BOOYA! I just installed a freakin' message board! Damn I'm getting good at that XD And ya know, editing the colours and such look easier on this one, it was damn hard on the other X___X;
As for the old message board, the error seemed to be it wasn't reconizing the database it was on as a valid name O_o; Not sure if that was fixable but that board did have a lot of errors though, so I guess we'll see if this one is any better.

Anyway I need to mess about with it for now, create forums and themes ect. I'll post the link to it when it's ready.
Well, hopefully now we won't have the spambot problem on this either :o And maybe a whole new board will bring more life to it.
It's like starting completely a new! :D
I need to take a quick shower and get ready for work X___X *Zooms off*
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