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Pokemon love!

Man, reading some of the Pokédex entries for some of the new Pokémon on Pokébeach's website, a lot of them sound so badass, like Darkry who can lure humans into a deep sleep and views their dreams, or Megayanma that can apparently cause fatal internal damage to it's enemies via shock waves from it's wings, or maybe Guillotina who is said to live in the world beyond this one. Then of couse we have Palkia and Dialga who can warp space and manipluate time <333
Yes, this generation is love. Also Pokédex entries never fail to suprise me, cos ya know, some of them remind you that all Pokémon aren't harmless creatures, a lot are really dangrous and vicious, like Feraligatr for instance :o IT RIPS THINGS TO SHREADS!
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