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I spent all day on this!


Yu-Gi-Oh! GX episode 105 parody, much breaking of the 4th wall in this one, also includes parody subs to the new OP/ED! ENJOY!

EDIT: Also, I decided to delete the Pokémon videos off my Youtube account since it seems Pokémon is being hit pretty hard with deletions and people's accounts being banned because of them. Of course, i decided to write a bulliten just to say "Yo, I deleted those and I won't be uploding anymore Pokémon stuff" since I don't want the few pokémon videos being the reason the GX parodies dissapear, since that's the main thing I upload there, but of course, I get one idiot reply who's all "they wouldn't of deleted your account cos of them, it's not all for GX!!! They only delete full episodes!!" Ha, oh how misguided you are.
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