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GX and Pokemons~~

Ooooh Pokémon Safari has a lot of the D/P sprites up :D Some aren't completely ripped by the looks of it but most are and they look awesome <3 Expect a lot of Pokémon art from me cos I really want to re-draw a LOT of these sprites for some fun 8D If you look on my DeviantArt Account you can see I've already done a pic based on the Charmander sprite.
Also, it seems only certian Pokémon get differences between male and female Pokémon, cos a lot of them I can't see any differences at all :/ I can see differences with Butterfree, Pikachu, Raichu, Scizor, Wooper, Quagsire and that's about if for now XD; So basiclly the ones that were promoted as having differences and some of their evolutions.

Also GX wise, we FINALLY got the new OP/ED :D Rei is in Osiris Red now~~ Ya know I'm personally glad that GX doesn't forget about some of the one shot characters they introduced in the first season and make them...not so one shot anymore XD I mean when Rei was in episode 20 I didn't think she'd actually come back and join the main cast. Can't wait to see her reactions around Juudai, it seems she's already beemed Manjoume on the head with a bucket or something 8D
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