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Witness Stupidity

So today, as I just reached town, I was waiting on one side of a turning into the town's car park waiting for the car's pulling into it to clear. One car had stopped to let someone out and then drove into the car park, cos of this there were a few cars waiting behind it too. Well naturally if you wanted to cross you'd wait for those cars to pass, but not one small group of kids that were obviously college aged. As the cars started to move they just walked STRAIGHT OUT in front of them as if they weren't even there, lucky for them that the car they passed in front of was just starting to move so the lady in the car had to break to avoid hitting the guy on the left side of the group and all he did was motioned to her in some kind of mock "thanks" which more read as "Hahahaha, we have the right of way cos we're stupid", the lady just watched them past looking just as bewildered as I and probably everyone else was.
I mean really, a little common sense wouldn't go a miss in this world ¬¬; But pah, the world seems full of these types these days, people who couldn't give a crap about anyone else but themselves, always thinking of themselves first before others, it's just so arrogant ><; Seriously.

And this is why I don't head into town much these days :/
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