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YAY! I made a Meme thing!

Just made my very first meme thing XD

*~ Your Random Anime Adventure ~* by PDUTogepi
Adventure takes place on:August 7, 2104
Your Dangerous Weapon is:The "8th" Millennium Item
Your Side-Kick is:Alphonse Elric
You will Meet:At the Local Strip Club
You will aim to Stop:Your evil side from trying to steal all the Millennium Items
But Will Result in:Very SEXY Results~!
Lesson Learned?A Homunculous is for life - not just for Christmas
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

It's just various things from various animes and such *lol*

Okay I'm off to do some housework before dad gets home and I want to do a picture of a Ninja Theif Bakura dressed in an Akatuski cloak with a Transmutation cirlce behind him for my journal layout XD
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