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More Dad emo

It's past midnight and I'm only JUST getting something to eat thanks to my emo dad who takes forever preparing a meal. I went down to see why it was taking so long and all he did was get pissed off and told me to stop "Trying to analyze him" which I don't even know what he MEANS by that ¬¬;
Dad...it's past Midnight, I'm TIRED, I want to go to BED, yet I can't cos you're still making food. Seriously, I would of just been satisfyed with getting a slice of cake and that's it, at least then I would of had the food before midnight.
I don't even feel hungry anymore...I just want to sleep....

And yes...I know you said you've "had enough" and that I can "Get my own food in future" but you know what...you say that every DAMN WEEK...maybe the next time if you think of cooking I'll just say "no, I'll get something myself, thanks"

It's times like this I wish my mum had a spare room at her house...then again, I honestly think it would spiral him off the deep end were I to move out cos of him...
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