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Some good stuff

Oh, I was complaining so much last night I forgot to mention something good that happened yesterday 8D Well I'd new about this since the beginning of this week but I didn't think I'd get a mention in the checkout newsletter for it for some reason XD; Apparently I served one of those Mystery Customers sometime on a Friday at the end of August and even though the store as a whole got a rather low-ish score (*Something like 72%*) we actually scored 100% on the checkouts as a single area O_O The person apparnetly said I was "cheerful" as well as commented on the usual stuff like I said thanks and bye ect.
Ya know, I felt so happy after reading that, I actually did something that pleased people, I like it when I actually do something right there, especially since most of the checkout reviews often say I need to work on certian areas, like interaction with the customer.
Anyway that totally put me in a good mood after my shift X3

Oh, in D/P there apparnetly an Aaron looking guy in it :D Eeeee! And he gives you an egg that hatches into Lucario's pre-evo. Though I don't think it's until later on in the game which is a shame cos I really wanted one on one of my game teams as early as possible. Hummmm, maybe I could get someone to breed me one and trade it? XD;

Talking of Pokémon games, I'm actually making decent progress with my Emerald game, took me forever to beat Norman but I did it! Decided to take Skitty off my team and went for training a Cacnea which I have of course named "Harley" :D All my Pokémon are around LV30-31. My Kirlia evolved into Gardervoir last night too X3 Now I have a transvestite Gardervoir, considering that my Gardervoir is male XD
I'm trying to aim to get the elite 4 all cleared so I can get a Ditto by the time D/P comes out, cos I need to breed some of my Pokémon to transfer over to it :D

Ooooh! Should have the first D/P ep soon~! I'll get to capping it right away and will go up on type_wild as soon as I'm done :D
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