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Ranting about dad, yayz....

So...today my dad was HALF AN HOUR LATE picking me up from work, tonight I finished at 10pm, I was out by about 7 minutes past, I wanted until 20 minutes past and he's a no show, so I ring him, lucky enough that my phone still had some charge in it.
Turns out he did the one thing I had always expected him to do at some point...FALL ASLEEP. I mean it annoys me enough that he's always 10 minutes late picking me up when he stays awake ¬¬; I hate waiting for him in the dark, scares the hell out of me.
But ya know, the fact that he fell asleep isn't the bit that bothered me that much, what really annoyed me is that he didn't even utter any word that even closely resembled an apology for it, even my MUM says sorry when she's late or forgets to pick me up, but no, my dad didn't utter a word :/

Ya know, I swear, he just gets worse and WORSE ever since my mum moved out, he keeps moaning and emoing that he's "Had enough" and that he "can't be bothered", he never gets around to ANYTHING other than some housework which is all he seems motivated to do at times. How long have we had the spare room that NEEDS DECORATING!? THREE YEARS ALMOST! *I* want to start that, *I* wanted to start that three years ago, but I CAN'T because he wants to do it HIS way so it's PERFECT and won't let anyone else touch it, so it doesn't get done...

There's so much that I have to complain about really, I think this is just the icing on the cake of complaints, only problem is, when I bring these up with him, he just gets annoyed at me >/ Wonderful, just wonderful.

It's times like this I wish I had opted to move out with my mum, I never did cos I didn't want to go through the hassle of changing addresses/phone numbers everywhere and that I didn't get along with my brother at all, but seriously, he just needs to chill out, stop complaining all the time and to stop being so damn depressed.
Sorry, just needed to release that somewhere XD;
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