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Lotsa stuff (And OMG BUNNY!)

So I had to get up early today incase my Duel Box was actually delivered, nothing yet, so I assume they're keeping hold of it, unfortuntly the tracking thing is STILL not working X__X; It's the first time I've ever known it do that so I have no idea when they'll fix it ¬¬; SO if it isn't delivered, I just have to wait for a letter to come telling me they've got it and how much the charge is. If I don't get one by the end of this week, I'll have to phone them and ask if they have it and reassure them I'll be going to pick it up...the bad thing about this week is that I don't have the TIME to go and pick it up myself, I'd have to get my dad to do it or something on the way home from work X__X; So he'd need a letter or something to prove he's okay to pick it up, so I hope they send one...and I hope this time they spell my name right instead of somehow seeing "Jodie" as "JOHN" ¬¬;;
Hummm, I think my shift on Saturday is a late one, so I could go with my dad to pick it up then, but me and my dad getting up early is a whole other matter.

Also I was so tired this morning, I wandered downstairs and fell asleep on the sofa, which is okay, cos that's near the front door so I'd hear someone knock on it XD

Also a new Pokémon was revealed, and it's a BUNNY!!

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The name of the bunny is Mimiroru and the cat finally gets the name of Nyaruma.

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