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Yarrr me hearties!

Ya-ha mateys! It be "International Talk like a Pirate Day" and this scallywag did ne' notice until 'bout half an hour ago, what a silly pirate I be!
Today at ye old charity shop, we caught a regular scoundrel stealing our booty, our captain 'ad suspected her for a while, but today we knew for sure! She be a slippy lass that woman be, yarrr. Captain Amanda won't stand for that no more though, next time she'll be walkin' the plank ya 'ere, meaning we won't keep our beady eyes off her from now on! Rest of the day been fine, nice weather. Just relaxin' here on me ship, drinking me rum (*Okay so it's a Sparkling Apple drink XD*)

I love Talk Like a Pirate Day X3 And it took a cooking show my mum watches to remind me it was today, cos the lady was speaking like a pirate :o
Oh and also when I got into town this morning, there as a police barrier around the Abbey national bank, guess whatever happened there will be in the Guardian on Friday XD;

Also, My Fuyucon payment has gone through! They got it <3 Thank goodness, I can stop worrying now~ My mum and I should hopefully be going out sometime in October to search for stuff for my cosplays. We're gonna be looking for light blue material for the Team Aqua outfit which she says she might be able to make XD Take and I showed her a picture of Hikari from Pokémon D/P today telling her I had an interest in doing her outfit too. She told me she should be able to make the skirt (*Don't blame me if I have it a bit longer than her's though XD;*) top should be easy enough to do, gonna be on the look out for a winter hat likes hers I can modify and...ah...the pink boots, that's the hard part :/
Gonna have to see if Helen is still interested in coming too, if she does we can book a hotel room together (*Either at the hotel it's being held at or another one in Nottingham*) so we can stay for the full weekend. Still unsure if I will book a hotel room if I'm going on my own, I'd hate to miss things like the Masquerade. Guess we'll see XD; I just really need to know how far in advance you can book a hotel room, anyone know?

And yeah, like I said above in me pirate talk, we caught a regular at the Charity shop stealing today, we didn't confront her this time, we just wanted the confirmation she was doing it cos the manageress and others there had been suspicious for a while. Amanda told me that she had taken two tops and four books into the changing rooms, she came out with the tops, put one back and bought the other one, but she never gave me the books, which I could see at least one actually in her bag ¬¬; So yeah, Amanda and the others have to keep a close eye on her now as they won't let her get away with it anymore.
And get this, the books she took were only 4 for a £1 or 40p each...

Shiver me Timbers indeed!
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