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Just Updating for the sake of Updating

Just posting here cos I felt like it 8D

Ha, I was an hour and a half late for work yesterday X__X I wrote my regular shift time for Sunday down on my calendar like three weeks before and just either didn't notice I was actually starting at 10am that day or did notice but forgot to change it XD; Oooops~ Ah well, they forgave me, besides, I'm sure I'm not the first or the last person to do something like that XD;
But I did stress to the checkout supervisor that day that I WOULD of noticed the mistake sometime that past week if the schedules on the wall had actually BEEN THERE when I checked them, I went to check them twice last week from what I remember, one of those was actually Saturday night and the scheduled weren't there (*And on Saturday only the schedule for three weeks from now was there*), I was gonna check through all three weeks on Saturday night and I would of seen I was starting at 10am for definite if that schedule had been there >>;

Today at work was just...boring XD Long, long and boring.

I should really try and update PDU and stuff this week, I also need to burn some anime onto discs cos my computer is complaining, probably needs a defrag or something.

Also Anyone interested in joining the PDU Message board?? :D, hahaha, it's been so dead lately XD; I guess that's mostly my fault, I don't think PDU is that popular anymore, BUT part of me is kinda glad I'm not rushed off my feet with it like I used to be XD; Now I try and just update it when I can....or when I feel like it. If anything the Episode Guides and the Pokédex are two things I'll always keep working on as much as I can as I love both of those sections :D Plus now I have the 2nd Advanced box set I can finally get the rest of the Advanced ep guides up, then it'll be back to Advanced Challenge, that and I really want to do the guide for "Sweet Baby James"

Oh other things to do this week is to try and make a few more splash pics for the site and I need to send Carly the Digimon Frontier raws she asked for while we were at Amecon, so tomorrow I need to purchase lots of DVD RW's and such :o

Oh, bedroom needs cleaning too >> <<; Maybe that's the job for one of the two weeks I have off in October.

Ah! I ordered the 6th GX Duel Box, expect scans from that sometime next week!! :D Misawa, Chronos and Kenzan are on the front and hopefully we'll get Neo Spacian lineart or something <3
I'm thinking of just making the Chocolate Orange picture page as the default homepage cos I really don't have time to do anything else there, might upload some HQ screenshots there too :o

I have lots to do XD
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