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This morning I had a dream where Rika was in DATS for some reason.

It seemed something was happening so to get to the Digital world Masaru...tunnelled through rock, yes with his bare hands and RizeGreymon was following him making the tunnel wider and he was all "Aniki, maybe I should of gone first". Anyway Masaru makes it through and they suddenly find themselves underwater (*RizeGreymon instantly de-digivolves to Agumon here*) but they are in the Digital world. Then it kinda skips to this town of Digimon where Rika is talking to a bunch of them in a room, trying to convince them that something bad is happening but that she was from DATS (*She had a badge too!*) and her and her friends, who were waiting outside, were going to help. The Digimon aren't convinced, so she has to bring Masaru and Touma (*I think*) to these Digimon in another effort to convince them, then all hell breaks lose and the Digimon start panicking.
Oh there was this adorable little Pabumon too...who like...merged with another Digimon or something XD;

The other day I dreamt I was late for work but it was like 3pm and it was pitch black outside, so I went and asked my dad if it was 3am or 3pm, he said it was 3pm so I opened the curtain and went "Well why is it dark out there then!?!"

Ah dreams <3

Oooh, 6 minutes away from getting the final Pokémon AG episode, then in two weeks it's Diamond and Pearl!!! X3


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http://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/anime/pokemon_dp/ !!!

Then...who's the new guy? Rival for either Ash or Hikari maybe? Or maybe there is a group of 4 of them? Or maybe the artist for the promo art just...decided to give Brock flat purple hair and eyes?
@_@ Confusing!

Also, I'm sick of the people who keep going "It's an AG re-hash OH NOES!!!1!". It's POKÉMON, just watch it and be happy.
Funny thing is, it's the guy who's obsessive over May who is saying it the most, figures :p
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