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Grubs :o

So, my dad discovered that we have some kind of grub in our garden over the weekend, he showed them me today, horrid looking things really, killed pretty much half the grass on one side of our front garden as they're just under that and have eaten all the roots. After some looking, futureofsmiles came up with something called a Chafer Beetle, I looked up a page on them and the times of the year for the grubs are correct to what we have, just underneath the grass in early autumm :o The pictures look exactly the same to the grubs we have too.

Actually, come to think of it, earlier in the summer I remember seeing some little beetles flying around the grass in the back garden that looked like the size of a Chafer Beetle, so yeah, my dad is gonna see about getting some grub killer to try and get rid of them :/

Gah, I feel tired and my eyes keep stinging XP
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