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The dub of Bleach is awesome *___* Maybe I'll actually manage to follow the series this time? XD

And Digimon Savers episode 22?

Another Leomon bites the dust :o SaberLeomon to be exact, hahaha, he didn't last that long at all really.

The interaction between Ikuto and Masaru's family was lovely ^^

And I really like the look of the animation in the next ep too :o

Been writing a scene snippet (*Feels more like a whole chapter actually XD*) of a Pokémon fic I've had in my head for ages, just wanted to write out the scene in my head which involves Drew, May and Harley. I really wanted to write something with Harley in it, I think he stays in character pretty well, ah but for other ideas I'm pretty much working on them as I go along @_@ Probably won't post anything of this until I feel it'll go somewhere, knowing my track records with fics it probably...won't go anywhere XD
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