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Fansub Parodies...

Earlier I downloaded a parody fansub of the latest episode of Naruto just for a laugh, the people who did it knew no Japanese and just made up what they said, resulting in some really funny lines...
....who knew the real reason Itachi killed his whole clan was because Sasuke told his dad that he had porn stashed under his bed XD

So I decided, for a laugh, to do one myself, though I parodied a Yugioh episode instead, so far I have two clips from it (*Which is episode 204*) and for anyone familair with my stupid captions to screenshots on my Yugioh reviews of doom will reconize the themes of the fake subtitles XD

The first one is with Yugi and Co in the Pharaoh's memory world with a tad bathroom problem, the second one is a scene of Theif Bakura VS Mahaado which is more like Pokémon Battle VS Naruto Techniques XD
I apoligize for any mis-spellings or the "L33t" talk I'm sure I spelled wrong... "There's a "H" in Ph33r isn't there? I spelled it P33r *lol* Never mind, I'm not sure if that kinda talk can actually BE spelled wrong, through if it can I'm the one to do it...
I also apologize for the subtitles not being too clear XD Though they're readbale ^^;


Anyway I uploaded them here, tell me what you think, if you watch them at all XD Don't blame you if you didn't, this is me just having some strange fun and I don't think they're all that funny really *shrugs* Gave me something to do for a while though XD

Must go to sleep now... head hurting and I have work in the morning....yay....
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