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Reactions to Pokémon Season 9

So I just watched "Fear Factor Phony" and ya know, I liked it, sure all the voices sound weird but I'll get used to it, i think the ones that'll take longest to get used to are Ash and James, Ash especially, but I know once she's been in it a bit her voice will settle, just like Veronica's did.
Oh and Max and Wobbuffet are done by the same person, aren't they? (Kayzie Rogers I think it is? I believe she always did Wobbuffet) but yeah, if so, you can tell pretty easilly that it's the same person XD They sound so alike.
Oh and when Brock said "It looks like an entrance to a mine or something" that almost sounded like a dead spot on Eric Stuart Brock :o

Music wise, I only heard a few instances where the Japanese music was used, the rest were all 4Kids like music cues and such, nothing to really complain about cos I didn't mind that in the 4Kids dub either, though it would be nice if they used more of the Japanese music, I'll keep an eye on how much they use anyway, but it seems mostly battle scenes get their Japanese music kept, or at least the music played over when Team rocket's mecha, covered by the ghost image, first appeared and started grabbing the Psychic Pokémon was kept and soon after the Team rocket motto music of course :D The other one I heard was just the title screen.

But, from what I saw, paint edit wise, nothing! :D I can't really vouch if there WAS no paint edits as such, but there was a scene just after the opening theme which has Ash and co looking over the ghost town and of course you can see "writing" on the signs (Not proper writing, I believe it's made up writing mostly, but 4Kids always used to airbrush it out anyway :/*) So that was indeed, still there :D

Oh, I really like the opening theme too~! The episode I downloaded didn't have the ending theme on it though but heard it was different from the opening.

In the end the show still felt like the same old show I've been watching for years, just with a new voice cast XD;

I haven't seen Mystery Dungeon yet, gonna wait until it goes up on Bit Torrent, Pokebeach have it but I need to take screenshots from it, so I'm hoping CP do their high-def encode of it.
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