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So, for Fuyucon I was late sending off my cheque and so at the weekend I wasn't sure it would get there by Tuesday which is when my 14 days for sending the Cheque was up, so my dad was all "Why not send it special delivery which gives you a delivery date", so I did, didn't I, but now I'm just wishing I had sent it NORMALLY cos right after I sent it my dad then mentioned the people who'd I sent it to would have to SIGN FOR IT! GAH! If my dad had told me that I would of just sent it normally, I don't trust it when you have to sign for things, cos so many things can go wrong >> <<; They might not of been given a "Sorry you were out, please collect this" card, they might not be able to get to the Royal Mail place, they only hold it for ONE WEEK and I was stupid enough not to put a return address on it ;~~; And yes, it wasn't delivered by the way, according to the tracking number.
Maybe I'm worrying for nothing but I'm just worried they won't get it ><;

Then when my dad saw the "We tried to deliver" thing on the tracking he was all "I thought you'd be sending it to a business not a normal house"
...Note to self: Never listen to dad EVER AGAIN! ><;;;;;;

My stupidity astounds me sometimes -_____-;
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