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DVDs and Cards! YAY!

So just got back from Meadowhall with Helen, we weren't there long, about an hour and a half? Something like that, but long enough for me to spend waaay too much of DVDs and trading cards 8D

Anyway I decided to get some anime DVDs, I was gonna get the first two DVDs to .hack//sign but they only had the first one so I got that, was gonna get the first DVD fo R.O.D but they only had DVDs 3, 4 and 6 I think so decided to not get any, but then I saw they had the first 13 episodes of Naruto uncut for about £20 so I was all "YAY" *Snag* X3 I also decided to get the first DVD of Wolf's Rain, dunno when I'll have the time to watch all this XD;

Trading Card wise, decided to get 5 packs of the new Crystal Guardians pokemon Cards and got 5 of the Power of the Duelist Yu-Gi-Oh cards, I was oepning them in the card and I was showing some of the Pokémon ones to helen, ones she recongnizes (*Really only the first 151 or so*) but I got things like Squirtle, Charmander and Bulbasaur X3 As for the Yugioh cards, got a few of Edo's D-Heros, E-Hero Neos, some of Shou's monsters, I GOT THE PINK DOLPHIN TOO!! :D

So yup, that was fun X3

Oh yeah and seen the screenshots for episode 101 of GX, my reaction to even chibier Saiou and chibi Mizuchi was exactly "OMFG! They're cute!! X3"
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