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Damn Oo;

So, I decided to phone in sick for work, I feel terrible X___X; Can't stop coughing, my nose is stuffed up and I feel terribly tired despite getting about 10-11 hours of sleep, that was kind of interrupted sleep though cos I kept waking up @_@ That and I don't feel hungry at all and to me a lost appetite is a sign I should stay off, that and I just ache all over, I couldn't see me lasting the full eight hours, I just wanted to go back to bed which I will do in a little while, gotta wait for the right time to call my mum, to tell her I don't need picking up.
Strange enough the cold is pretty much all in my head, my throat doesn't feel that bad :o

Anyway this according to Serebii is Ash's new Shinou look for the DP season, which you may recognize as being a similar outfit worn by the boy character for the DP games, only just a tad different in style and colours, well, I guess at least he's not wearing the silly hat, but then again....his baseball cap doesn't quite go with the outfit either.
I kinda miss Ash's ska8ter look :/ Ah well.

And in other news Steve Irwin has finally met his match. It's a huge shame, I loved how the guy was so passionate for animals, so passionate that he'd risk his very life to get near the dangerous ones, but even so, I wasn't expecting a Stingray to finally take him out Oo; Damn.
My thoughts go out to his family.
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