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Today at work I typed in a product number wrong and got a product named "Chilled Souls", I did a double take when I saw it come up and I was all..."Okay...? O_o;"
They cost about £29.50 too :o
Get ya Chilled Souls today!! 8D

On another random note I was humming "The World" from the .hack//sign OST at most of the time I was at work in anticipation for today's Japanese GX episode 8D "ZA WAARUDO~!". Just saw the ep now, lotsa little Edo and Saiou flashbacks! Eeeeeeee! And Juudai shouted a lot XD
Oh and from the next ep preview:
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Super Adorable innocent Saiou! He looks so squishable there, he needs a huuuuug D:
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