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Advertising!! :D

Just shamelessly advertising:

The Pokemorph Multifandom RPG!

Yeah I said I wasn't gonna join another RP but this one looked really interesting and was put together by aphotic so I know I'll fit right in~ XD Basically you can choose to play ANY character from any fandom you desire (Just as long as you can tweak them to fit into the Pokemorph world but I'm sure you can ;D) and give them a Pokémon to be :D

So far we have 3 characters from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX (*Saiou, Edo and Juudai*) and one character from Pokémon (*Harley*), Juudai and Harley are my characters :D So if you like LJ RPG's and like Pokémon this is a great opportunity :D After all, you're completely spoilt for choice on who you can be ;D You can be anyone from Anime, Manga, Books, Games, or whatever else you can think of!!
Anyway, if you're interested, just give the user info a read and if you want to join, feel free to post the required information in the application post or e-mail the app to Qu-ko :D

Also I'm thinking of doing some fun illustrations for those who join, of their character as the Pokemorph they choose to be and I'll make some little icons out of it :D
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