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I have come to the conclusion that IE has suddenly decided to hate me.

Well recently I've been having problems with oekakis, when I save a picture, it won't jump to the title/description or main page, the page just doesn't go anywhere, so if I'm saving a picture for the first time, I always have to recover it.
Curious as to whether it was a bug on the oekaki's I installed (*Both PDU's and Nicole's*) I tested it out on someone else's board, same result.
After this I decided to install Firefox, normally if someone has a problem with something, they suggest using another browser, so I installed it and once again tested the oekaki...
...and lo behold this time the picture does what it's supposed to when I save it and skip to the title/description page, BUT I found in firefox, the buttons on the far right (*Like the colour groups and the darker, lighter ect buttons*) don't work, anyone have that same problem? :o

So today I decided to ask hobbit_hunter about a problem on the DuelAcademy R2 community where I can't see the posts but everyone else could, so I decided to view it on Firefox, I can see the posts in Firefox...

...so WTF IE!?
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