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2am Randomness....

I'm not sure why I'm updating here, nothing to report really XD Besides the fact I just suddenly got the urge to draw Theif Bakura and Jiraiya tying Naruto and Ryou Bakura up in Ninja scrolls...
....my picture ideas don't make any sense anymore do they?
Did they EVER make sense?
I also want to draw the three sannin as kids mostly cos they're easier to draw as kids and Orochimaru is sooooo cuuuuute X3 Evil orochimaru is cool, but cute little Orochimaru is too adorable X3
*Puts ideas on the "To do" list of doom*

This weeks episode of Naruto focused on the flashback of the poor Uchiha clan's fate, Little Sasuke is the sweetest but for some odd reason I found it hard to like his voice but meh....it was still a great episode! *Pets little Sasuke's head* Itachi is damn cool too cos he's evil X3 *lol*

Saw the newest episode of Pokémon AG too about a girl meeting her future self? Seemed that way....why can't the have the regular cast go through something cool like that instead of some random kid they'll never meet again? Seeing a future Ash or a future Brock would be so neat X3
I loved Ash's solution to stop Baltoy from quite slowly spinning off a cliff....have Pikachu attack it XD HA! Yeah he couldn't of just stepped in front of it or picked it up or soemthing, he has to always resort to Pokémon violence *lol*

Damn I'm tired, gotta stop staying up until 2am....
...I got work and a party to throw on the Sims tomorrow...
...watching Itachi and Orochimaru dance in those dance cage things is just waaaaay too much fun X3
Marik and Renamon really get along well XD That is most amusing, they spent a looooong time in one of the hot tubs talking :p
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