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Late Night Thoughts

It's amazing how much can happen in a week.

It's been a week since I returned from Amecon and in that time, one RP I was in died, I quit the other and now the remaining one has lost it's founding member. I guess things happen, things move on, the first two I never fully felt I fitted in with ^^; Not 100% anyway, but for the 3rd, it's like a home I never want to leave, I get along with everyone, my characters get along with all the others, but somehow, it kinda feels like it's always gonna be missing something now.

This said, I'm staying with that RP, as I love the characters I play, but I'll most likely never join another RP ever again X___X;

That said I'm hopping off to bed.

P.S - Making Edo/Aster have a Surfer voice is totally out of character...I see you learned with your mistakes with Chumley, 4Kids.
Sartorious' voice ain't too bad though :3

P.P.S - This whole post gets Yoshino's "This is the worst" icon =p
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